Beslan Project - Financial Report (audited):

  • Donations received: $1,255,664 ($1,217,800 private donations + $19,902 matching and other contributions + $11,580 interest + $6,382 exchange rate gains)
  • Assistance distributed: $1,163,145 ($1,136,500 direct victim assistance + $26,645 victim medical expense reimbursement in US and Europe)
  • Expenses paid: $76,514 ($37,125 bank/paypal fees + $33,763 office costs and staff salaries in Beslan + $3,723 charity registration fees + $1,803 hosting/web fees) (all expenses were paid out of donations made by Foundation Board members)
  • Remaining funds: $16,005 (intended to be fully distributed in 2020-2021 to assist Beslan victims with lingering medical conditions

Beslan School Terror Act Victims Continue to Receive International Medical Help - ILONA KARGIEVA, a 9-year old girl who lost her eye in the Beslan School Terror Attack last year, is scheduled to undergo complicated eye implant surgery early next month.
Press Release - December 15, 2005

A press-conference during which the foundation's officers reported on the distribution of 1.136 million dollars took place on Monday, August 29th.
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The distribution of funds that were collected by the Foundation for the victims of the terrorist act in Beslan is practically completed. More than $1.1 million have been transferred to families of children victims. more

Personal donations delivered: 100%
Administrative expense load: $0*
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Assistance Distribution Policy (per child):

  • Serious injury -- $500
  • Parent Fatality -- $3500
  • Child left orphaned -- extra $3000
  • Parent left handicapped -- $3500
  • Child left handicapped -- estimated $10,000.
        (All donations made after January 1, 2005
        are channelled to this group of recipients.)

  • All categories are additive. For detailed explanation please visit the Distribution Policy page.

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    The Beslan tragedy is the worst terror-related human catastrophe in the history of Russia. There are at least 335 victims, mostly children, who died as a direct result of this terror act. Over 700 victims, also mostly children, have been hospitalized, a large number of them with very serious injuries.

    On September 11, 2001, Russian people and the whole world stood by the people of the United States, Canada, and all other countries whose citizens became victims of that unprecedented terrorist attack. The Beslan hostage crisis is an example of the same type of terrorism that has perpetrated the September 11th attack.

    more information and pictures from Beslan.

    100% ratio and $0 administrative expenses applies to all donations except donations of the Foundation Board expressly designated for administrative expenses.

    "Such a great model... Thank you for starting this grassroots effort, it is such an inspiration and such a help to so many!"
      CNN News Report Video
    "The terror act in Beslan is Russia's September 11th... Russia is standing still, awestruck and horrified..." (from interview with Foundation's Chairman)
      New York Times Article
    "We extend our sincere gratitude to you and your donors who are offering their helpful hand and sharing our grief."
      Ambassador of Russia
    "Not the first time Foundation provides assistance [to terror act victims in Russia]"
      Voice of America
    "The MosNews.Com staff fully supports the Fund's initiative and we call for our readers to make donations..."
    "Children who were injured, orphaned and handicapped as a result of the tragedy will receive assistance."
      NY Daily News