NORD-OST PROJECT (2002-2003)

Assistance distribution is complete. After many months of work, we had finally collected full information on all eligible recipients. We had to wait until we had all this data before we could begin distribution, since each family's aid package depended heavily on the number of eligible families and their demographic status. You will be pleased to know that at this point all donations have been distributed to the families which lost their providers on October 26, 2002. The list of recipients of this assistance is posted here.


The funds have being distributed according to the Fund's promise all donations you made will go to victims' families without any administrative expenses. The Assistance Policy is posted here so that all Donors understand what criteria were used to determine the amount received by each family.


As many of you know, we have collected slightly over $30,000 in total private donations. We all understand that this is not a large amount, but we consider it a vote of confidence by the private Donors, which, together with the IRS 501(c)3 standing, gives us the necessary status to work with corporate donors. We are now talking to several large organizations and hope to receive substantial donations from them in the coming months. If your organization is interested in making a donation, please contact us.


Several potential corporate donors from Russia expressed interest in donating to the Foundation, but the Foundation needed to be registered in Russia in order to accept these donations. As the fastest route, we have decided to register a separate Russian foundation which will share the same management, programme and principles. This foundation will accept donations in roubles and then submit to our Assistance Policy for disbursement.

Much has been promised to the families of the victims; very little has been done... All the press attention and political exclamations have ended, with most promises of assistance never fulfilled...
We are one of the very few organizations that actually provided assistance, and you are the ones who made it possible. We ask each of you to please forward this report to all your friends who may be interested in this information, and ask you and them to please visit our web site when the Memorial Project is launched. Your direct help is desperately needed, and by providing it directly to the victims' families you will justify the mission of our Fund and the time our team has invested in this project. You will also be assured that all your assistance got to the intended recipients as you will be delivering it yourselves.

With respect and gratitude for your support,

Board of Trustees