The most important thing you can do to help our project is to SPREAD THE WORD about it any way you can. Keeping our cause at the center of attention is crucially important to keep the momentum going, as we are still very far from the amount needed to provide effective assistance to an estimated 600 injured and orphaned children.

There are several ways to help, and none of them will take up very much of your time: You can help us get our flyers into every church, supermarket, etc. and on every bulletin board where it is appropriate.

Posting our flyers:
We ask everyone to print several copies of our flyers (please choose the appropriate format and content) and post them prominently at your local school, church, bank, supermarket, bar, gas station and other places where it will get attention. Our posters and flyers can be found here.

Distributing information at work (small and large companies, universities and government organizations):

  1. If your company has dedicated personnel that handles philanthropic activities, make sure to inform them about the Foundation. If you are not sure if you have such a department it is a good idea to check with Human Resources. Your goal is to find the people at your company responsible for distributing funds to charities. Here are some ideas on how to do this:
    • Do a search for the words "foundation" and "charity" on your company's intranet.
    • Try to remember e-mails you may have received inviting you to participate in various volunteering activities. Try to locate them.
    • If you find any contact information, write or call. Make sure to prepare the appropriate documents and letters.
    • Chances are, the person you contact will not have a clear idea of how to handle this. Ask to be put in touch with the person who handles such issues.

    Students involve members of your clubs or other organizations. If your school or university has a Russian Club, it is a good place to start.

  2. Post about the Foundation in newsgroups and mailing lists within your company. If you are not sure which mailing list is appropriate for that, ask one of the list administrators or an IT support person. A sample text for a mailing is here it can be edited, but please try to leave the meaning and basic facts unchanged. In the case of newsgroups, the mailing should be repeated every few days.
  3. Print out a few color posters and post on walls and bulletin boards where allowed. If you cannot print one out in color, print black & white. All posters and flyers are located here.

Local and national media:
Please print and mail our press releases to the national and local newspapers, radio stations and TV channels. Ask them to mention the Foundation, write an article, do a special mention on the news, etc. Please make sure they include our web site address, www.moscowhelp.org, in their production.

BANNERS if you have a web site, please include our banners on your web site and ask your friends to do the same. If you post our banner on your web site, please e-mail us your banner at infosponsors@moscowhelp.org and we will be pleased to place it in our info sponsors section.

Please do not link directly to the banner images on our site! The site is heavily overloaded with banner requests and may go down because of this.

Fundraising auctions on eBay
To organize fundraising auctions on eBay for the Foundation please go to http://www.missionfish.org and find us by entering "Beslan" into the "By Keyword" field inside the "Find Non-Profits" box.

Informational Materials